Client Testimonials

“I have used your products before & have found them to be the best on the market, at a price that I can afford”

Pilot Aircrew Airline Captain Airman FlyerJames Tillman, Army Helicopter Pilot

“It’s PERFECT! I’m really happy with it!  Thanks for your great product & outstanding service! I will recommend the kit to everybody I’ll come across! Thank you!”

airline pilotReinhard

For over 20 years this has been our trademark.

“After 2 hours in a 172 I find I’m less ‘tired’.  There’s no freqs beating on me.  I also can understand ATC much better.  I’m sold and I’m telling friends.”

Pilot Aircrew Airline Captain Airman FlyerKevin

“I wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to try out the helmet this week and the difference between it and the Bose X was amazing.”

military pilot helmetSteve R Maehr

“I was thrilled at the difference when I first tried my helmet. The wiring & connections appear much more durable. The ear cups fit better and the widn noise was substantially reduced…  In short all of my fantasies about ANR had come to fruition… IThe customer service was outstanding & I’m very please with the performace of the headsets and everything about our interactions.”

military pilot helmet

“Thank you very much for your help & technical expertise. I am extremely pleased with how well my nearly 40 year old DC H10-30 is now working, with the M-001-A ANR upgrade kit by Headsets, Inc.  This has to be, probably, the best $200 investment I have made in aviation in the last 30+ years. My only complaint (comment really) is; I wish I had done this conversion years ago!”

airline pilotAlan Hortch, Director of Operations & Chief Pilot - Oxford Aviation Inc.

“I want to provide feedback for your recent service to my headset.  It exceeded my expectations… The ear seals that you included at no charge are signifcant’y softer… If I ever need to buy another headset, it would be a DRE-6001 or a future generation of your products.  Due to the quality of your products and your amazing customer service, I will certainly recommend your products and services. Thanks!!!”

Pilot Aircrew Airline Captain Airman FlyerJose

“I just wanted to pass on to you that the combination of the headsets and the CEP earplugs is astounding, giving me a level of quite way beyond anything that I expected. I now have perfect clarity when receiving radio transmissions, and even find myself talking at a more normal level… I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and will highly recommend both the headset and the plugs to my other friends who fly noisy pushers.”

Pilot Aircrew Airline Captain Airman FlyerBret Kivell, Titan Tornado Pusher

“I got my helmet back yesterday and took it out to the plane today. The improvement of the upgrade is wonderful.  The workmanship is excellent, adn the addition of the amplifier was even better. I even had to actually turn the audio panel valume down with the amplifier plugged in. I visited you guys at Oshkosh last year and you were recommended by a fellow Warbird member at Oshkosh this year. I am glad to be wearing the rsult of your work and hope many others will use you to upgrade their helmets. ”

“I recently had the privilege of having your ANR kit installed into my flight helmet.  I wanted to take the time to let you know that your product is outstanding!  It has made a world of difference for me as I fly with it about 2-4 hours per day while monitoring 8-10 different radio channels. I chose your prodcut after reseraching optios within the industry.  Mr Trotter spent time on the phone with me and via email communcation back and forth.  His professionalism, expertise, and follow-up is why I chose your product.  Simply stated, I coud not be happier with your product and the service provided by Mr. Trotter. I will be recommending your products to other helicopter pilots in my area.”

airline pilotMatt Johnson, ATP-H, CFII, DPE

“I’ve used Headsets Inc. noise-canceling headsets for 5 years now, and I can’t tell you how much I still love them. Many, if not all, pilots flying for the Minnesota Wing, Commemorative Air Force, use them, and enjoy the level of protection that the noise-canceling technology of your company provides. And, they’re comfortable, to boot. I just recommended Headsets Inc. to another pilot friend of mine. He’s also going to take advantage of doing business with you. Thank you so much for a quality, reliable product.”

“I woudl like to let you know that I was able to revive my old headset with parts I have purchased from you… Thank you for a wonderful ordering experience. The lady who took my order was very helpful and very nice!”

Pilot Aircrew Airline Captain Airman FlyerTak Ishigami, New Jersey

“To the prospective headset purchaser: If you are looking for the best bang for your buck in quality made ANR headset, you have found the right place. We operate a fleet of Warbird aircraft in the Houston Wing of the CAF. We went searching for well built ANR headsets to utilize in our aircraft for the rides program. Effective communication is essential for safety reasons and comfort and noise-canceling is very beneficial for our riders to thoroughly enjoy their experience riding in our WWII aircraft. We ordered a few to test at our big Warbird Weekend event in April and they were a huge success. The combination of a traditional passive design combined with ANR electronics calmed the roar of our very loud machines. They were utilized in everything from L-5s, T-6s, BT-13s, and even the Navy N3N biplane. These headsets performed extremely well and exceeded my expectations for comfort and performance. The riders gave us very positive feedback as well. We will be ordering more in the near future. Thank you for making a quality product at a great value.”

logo commemorative air forceChris Walker, Houston Wing - CAF