Headset Service & Repair

Technical Support

Shawn Hawkins

Ship To:

For all repair, installation & warranty work (excluding intercoms)

Headsets Inc.
Attn: Richard
2320 Lakeview Dr.
Amarillo, TX. 79109

Intercom Technical Support & Repair

Garth Wilson

Ship To:

For Intercom repair, installation & warranty work.

DRE Intercom Repair
Attn: Garth Wilson
11123 Dicky St.
Whittier, CA. 90606

After Warranty Repair


Repairs not covered under warranty will be charged at $80/hour (parts not included)

We have experts on hand to help you every step of the way!

“Outstanding service!”
“Amazing customer service.”

Intercom Repair


Repair of Headsets Inc. or DRE intercoms per hour charge (1 hour minimum charge)

Helmet ANR Kit Installation

$78 Flat Rate

Headset ANR Kit Installation

$52 Flat Rate


Headsets Inc. headsets & helmets are Designed, Assembled & Serviced in the USA. Whenever possible, which is most of the time, we buy USA made parts. We source our components with an eye towards quality first and cost second.  Our products are built to last, and our customers know it.


Headsets and helmets created by Headsets Inc. last for years and years, well beyond our warranties. We provide repair support for everything we build.  Other headset companies don’t provide repair services or at best they outsource their services and in the end many headsets end up in landfills. Ours don’t and if another company has canceled support for their product, we can fix that too!